The David Weekley Family Foundation (DWFF) was established in 1990 with profits from David Weekley Homes, a U.S. homebuilding company started by David Weekley in 1976.

DWFF is a Christian faith-based foundation that impacts the world through both Christ-centered and secular organizations. Over the last 25 years, the Foundation has supported numerous worthy causes and organizations, both nationally and abroad.

In our philanthropy, we look for three fundamental principles in an organization: 1) high leverage, accomplishing a lot with a little, 2) scalable, they have the propensity to grow to impact millions of people, and 3) sustainable, over time their model is not wholly reliant on philanthropic capital. 

Enjoy this brief note from David on the beginnings of the David Weekley Family Foundation.

“We are each unique and have the ability to positively impact the world. When we use our God-given gifts and resources to serve one another, our lives become more joyful and meaningful.”
— David Weekley, David Weekley Homes


  • A business model and cost structure that demonstrate greater efficiency over time;

  • A strong and effective Board of Directors, or a desire to establish one, and;

  • A spiritual integration plan or willingness to create one (for our Christian partners).

  • A unique and well-defined mission;

  • Excellent programs or services that clearly advance the mission;

  • A clear path to measurable results;

  • A three to five-year strategic plan;

  • Strong executive talent with a coachable spirit;